The first Super-Powered individuals appeared in the late 1940s. Times were good, The Largest War in the history of the World ended with the good guys victorious, and America was experiencing an economic boom.

Initially, the powered individuals fell into the black-and-white morality of the times, either as Heroes or Villains. As time progressed, and civil unrest grew, the lines between Hero and Villain became blurrier and blurrier. Some ‘Heroes’ stood on the wrong side of history, some ‘Villains’ were simply revolutionaries, activists, and those seeking justice, but were portrayed by the status quo as nothing more than agitators.

More powered individuals began appearing publically, behind masks, cowls, veils and a stark few with public identities. As the 1980s encroached, the methods employed by many heroes became brutal and violent. Where it was scarce that a hero would kill a villain, the new “Vigilantes”, as they were called, were much more apt to severe and permanent solutions to what they viewed as justifiable acts.

This age of Vigilantes carries through the mid 90’s, when Nations Governments began policing their own Super-Powered entities. Generally, this came in the color of Government Sponsored, Protected, and Regulated Heroes. This was, in many nations, viewed with disdain by many “Street Level” heroes. This caused major splintering amongst former allies. During the 80s and 90s, the world saw an increase in antagonistic covert operations between nations, often with proxy wars being fought in smaller, less “developed” nations at the behest of world powers. The growing tensions between nations, coupled with less-regulated super-powered entities in the nations being used to fight Proxy Wars reached the inevitable conclusion in the early 2000s.

Akin to nuclear warfare, when an American Super Powered Agent in deep cover in China made an attack on Chinese President Hu Jintao, China retaliated in kind with its own agent, completely leveling Washington D.C. This set off a chain reaction amongst nations, causing untold billions of dollars in damages, and untold loss of life.

In the Late 2000’s, the United Nation, working with both representatives of the World Governments, as well as the Super Powered Community of each nation, set forth a treaty, disallowing the use of Super Powered Entities as operatives, soldiers, or participants in international operations, wars, and disputes. Furthermore, each government would allow for each nations Super Powered Community to create self-governing unions that were to police it’s own members, as well as combat the threat of villains.

The public, recognizing the need for a Super Hero force to combat the growing Super Villain menace, was still wary of Supers, given the destruction that occurred.

Although the hero casualty from the event was great, many of the surviving heroes of the time retired, became villains, or signed on to teach at the Academy. Yours is one of the first classes of young heroes to come out of the Academy. Upon your shoulders is a great weight, one of both protecting the innocent and capturing the bad guys, as well as being stewards of the Public’s trust.

Dylan's Hero Campaign